Iris Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Iris Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml (Limited Edition)


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Iris is a limited-edition Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced strictly with ancient methods from hand-picked wild olives. Every bottle of IRIS olive oil is accompanied by an ancient Greek duplicate coin made of bronze, coming with a certificate of authenticity.


Iris oil: A rare olive oil


The Vasiliades family produces Iris extra virgin olive oil from an ancient recipe using Koronian wild olives (Koroneiki Variety). 

They produce their olive oil, which Homer called “LIQUID GOLD”, from olives which carry the same DNA as the Ancient Greek perennial wild olive, cultivated by purely natural methods.

"A little IRIS olive oil is all that is needed on a daily basis to protect the body from illnesses which threaten our health today due to our modern nutritional habits and lifestyle."

Its acidity, which is less than 0.3, its richness in polyphenol(132 ppm) and a-tocepherol (vitamin E) (278 ppm), its fruity aroma and its light spicy flavor make it not just an ordinary olive oil, but also a medicinal or herbal supplement which is highly beneficial to our health.

The olives are hand-picked – so that they are not subject to any pressure during harvesting – and the olive oil is produced by the cold production method, at a temperature below 27oC, so that is loses none of its nutritional ingredients.


Cultivation – production methods

Iris Olive Press

The olive grove is situated in a historical place which is a paradise in every way. Because the Vasiliades family cherish their history, they wanted to discover the methods followed by the Ancient Greeks to produce the fabled olive-oil of the age of antiquity. By studying ancient methods and asking the older people of the village, they learnt many secrets about the olive and olive oil.  Its quality lies in the age-old recipes and methods followed by those who cultivated the ancient wild olive.

The cultivation is traditional, distilled from the experience of the older generations in the region. This includes the careful pruning of the olive trees, the cutting of the grass around the trees, and leaving the cuttings to act as a natural fertilizer (until the tree blooms and bears fruit).

The natural watering from the rain in Vonitsa during the winter and from the springs of Korpi in summer, the mild climate of the coastal olive grove which does not see sharp variations in temperature and, of course, the ancient variety of wild olives grafted onto the Koronian variety, are all encapsulated within each bottle of “Iris” Ultra Premium olive oil.


The uniqueness that represents the "Iris" Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil is represented in every way. Thus, the so called by Homer “liquid gold”, has been packed in special bottles of unique design which are made of a special mix of glass that displaces the UVA radiation as well as the sunlight that harms the olive oil, which should be kept in dark and cool places.

Iris Seal

The labels are made of ecological paper and ink. Every bottle of IRIS olive oil could be considered as special and unique, as it is always accompanied by an ancient Greek duplicate coin made of bronze coming with a certificate of authenticity.

 The production of our family olive grove this year comes up to approximately 1,500 bottles.

There are bottles of 500ml and 250ml.

  • - 500 ml bottle – big coin
  • - 250 ml bottle – small coin


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Additional Information

Price per litre No
Oil Taste Spicy
Net Weight 0,50 lt Glass - 16,9 fl oz
Gross Weight 0.9 kg
Brand Iris
Acidity <0.3
Olive Variety Koroneiki
Cultivation Without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.
Harvest Time November to February
Production Cold-pressed olive oil obtained directly from olives.
Use Meat, salads, fish

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Customer Reviews

  • The ultimate olive oil
    Review by Andrew, Westminsteron 6/30/11
    Shipping Time
    For someone who can afford it, this can be called the ultimate tasting experience in olive oils.

    I have bought a couple of times, the Lambda olive oil, so I decided to give this one a try, to check whether
    a: it has a value for its money, like Lambda
    b: it can stand as an alternative, since the Lambda has become quite 'rare' to find (I believe Harrods stopped selling it).

    Anyway, this olive oil can be classified as ultra premium. It has a very low acidity, delicate aroma, a bit of bitter fruity taste, with a small feeling of grassy notes at the end, like premium olive oils ought to.

    If you are a fanatic about outstanding quality when it comes to food or wine, then this olive oil deserves a special place, in your kitchen, for those 'gourmet nights'. Otherwise, I would suggest something else.

    This is not an olive oil for frying chips.

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