Messara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

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Messara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml


Messara Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a gold-green colour, aroma of the fresh olive fruit and a distinct taste. It has been awarded with the Silver Taste Award 2008 from the European Network of Regional Development and the Bronze Taste Award 2010 from the European Organisation for Strategic Planning.

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Messara Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil ΄΄MESSARA΄΄ comes from the region in the vicinity of FAISTOS, on the island of CRETE, where it has been grown since MINOAN times. The best quality olives are chosen, washed and cold pressed to produce this green, magical taste and aromatic fruity flavored oil, unique to the CRETE region which is then taken for bottling at our modern bottling establishments without any industrial manufacturing. What makes our olive oil so special is its gold-green colour, its aroma of the fresh olive fruit and its distinct taste. MESSARA owes its exceptional quality to the excellent weather conditions in the area, the knowledge of the producers, the modern technology and the know-how of the experts in the Union. The perfect combination of applying our control systems ISO 22000: 2005 and the use of modern technology brings a touch of luxury to your cooking. Taste the real flavor of CRETE in this pure natural olives oil containing no additives.

 ENERGY  3382 KJ ,  824KCAL
 FAT  100g
 DAVON  14g


Product Competitive Advantages – Why Choose MESSARA?

1. Quality: When someone considers that Greece produces the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil in the world, and then compares Messara oil in terms of taste, colour, aroma and nutritional value with other Greek oils, immediately realises the qualities and superiority of our olive oil. You can try it and compare it yourself. Just ask for a sample from one of our sales representatives.

2. History: The history of the extra virgin olive oil starts from Crete. The widespread view suggests that Crete was the first ever area where systematic cultivation of olive trees took place. The production of olives dates back to 4000BC (early Minoan times) while olive trees were certainly systematically cultivating by the late Minoan period in Crete in 1500 BC. The systematic cultivation in Crete became intense in the post-palatial period and since then it plays an important role to island of Crete. Messara can be positioned in the world marketplace as the oil with the potential oldest history in the world.

3. Quantity: The island of Crete traditionally produces more than 50% of the total production of extra virgin olive oil in Greece. Greece holds the third place in world extra virgin olive oil production with more than 132 million trees. Greece average production is 350.000 – 400.000 tones per year while Crete average production approaches 200.000 – 210.000 tones. The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messara counts 46 primary cooperatives, 5794 members and 10.723 producers/farmers in the area of Messara. Our company apart from having a satisfactory yearly supply of extra virgin olive oil, it can also influence the total production of next year area’s crop to meet increased customer demands.

Product Usage – Where to Use MESSARA?

1. Food: Messara can be consumed on a daily basis. Nowadays, extra virgin olive is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet which has been proved to contribute to longevity. Historic ‘Homer’ called it ‘liquid gold’ to emphasise its unique nutritional value. It is used raw on salads bringing an excellent taste and fruity flavour on daily lunch and dinner. It is also used as cooking oil (fry, oven etc) for meat, potatoes, French fries and all applications where substitute products such as butter and sunflower oils are used.

2. Medicine: The father of Medicine Hippocrates considered olive oil as medically beneficial for more than 60 therapeutic – let alone precaution – uses. There have been numerous reports that extra virgin olive oil is the most digestible of the edible fats: helps to assimilate vitamins A, D and K, it contains essential acids that human body cannot produce, it slows down the aging process and it helps bile, liver and intestinal functions.

3. Cosmetics: In ancient Greece, athletes ritually rubbed it all over the body. Nowadays, more and more branded cosmetics use olive oil as their core commodity for products applicable to skin protection and care.


“We, the people at Union of Messara, are proud for the quality of our olive oil and we believe that once you have tried it you will be convinced of its value.”


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Additional Information

Price per litre €8.66
Oil Taste Fruity
Net Weight 0,75 lt Glass - 25,4 fl oz
Gross Weight 1.2 kg
Brand Messara
Acidity 0.7
Olive Variety Koroneiki
Cultivation Without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.
Harvest Time November to February
Production Cold press extraction
Use Meat, salads, potatoes

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