Moria Elea Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml (Gift Box)

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Moria Elea Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml (Gift Box)


" Descending from the first olive tree that Goddess Athena, planted outside the Parthenon, according to Greek mythology”.
MORIA ELEA is an extra virgin olive oil with rich aromatic character and pungent attributes of medium intensity. Lightly bitter. Well balanced with harmony in its robust olive flavor. The perfect unique gift idea for every special occasion whether personal or business. Premium limited edition of 13.000 numbered bottles for 2012.


Moria Elea Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Moria Elea extra virgin olive oil, offers a full story behind the brand based on Greek mythology that indicates its origin and attributes. The myth of Moria Elea express a very important legend regarding birth of the first olive tree.

By promoting the myth, Moria Elea’s intention is to familiriaze consumers with greek history and to promote superiority of greek products through a premium brand’s success.


The Myth

During king Cecrops’ reign, Athena became the patron goddess of the city of Athens in a competition with Poseidon which Cecrops judged. They agreed that each would give the Athenians one gift, and Cecrops would choose whichever gift they preferred.   

Poseidon struck the rock of the Acropolis with his trident and a spring sprang up; the water was salty and was not thought very useful, whereas Athena struck the rock with her lance and an olive tree sprung up. Cecrops judged the olive tree to be the superior gift, for the olive tree brought wood, oil and food, and consequently accepted Athena as their patron.

They called this olive tree “Moria Elea” . Visitors at the Acropolis museum in Athens, can see the sculptures which represents the myth on the west side of Parthenon.

“Moria Elea was the first olive tree that Goddess Athena, protector of the city of Athens, planted outside the Parthenon on the Acropolis, according to Greek Mythology.”



According to soil, water and leaf analysis and with the guidance of an expertised team from the agricultural univerisity of Athens we implement the best and safest methods of growing .



At the right stage of olive’s life circle, we begin harvesting. We implement hand-picking methods where the fruit is put into specialized plastic containers which allow the air to keep the fruit fresh at an acceptable temperature.



Carry out the fruit at the oil press every four (4) hours, where olive oil is produced with the cold extraction method (<27 C). The first samples are sent for analysis and organoleptic assesment for approval of the final product before storing.



Stored in a cool, dark state of the art inox container, we are insured constant temperature control due to the cool-heat unit attached to the containers. Furthermore, containers have nitrogen filling in order to preserve olive oil in the best way.  


Standardization & Food safety

In a place equipped with modern equipment, we use expert personnel for standardizing our limited edition products. Bottling is made by hand under strict hygiene conditions. We guarantee food safety following the standard of ISO 22000:2005 (GR/067/ 2011-2)


The Packaging

“ The most stunning and luxurious packaging of olive oil ever ". 

We decided to develop an innovative packaging design by using superior quality raw materials. The creative agency Sereal designers designed the artwork by highlighting the concept of  “descending from the first olive tree” inspired by the Greek mythology.

Moria Elea’s packaging is handmade & environmentally friendly. The bottle is made of top quality glass, the wooden cap has natural cork, the cotton labeling is sewn manually and the wooden gift box is designed especially for Moria Elea and is manufactured by hand. Thus, each bottle of Moria Elea is unique and is numbered on the front side, in a limited edition of 13.000 bottles for 2012.

Moria Elea is offered  in a 500ml single bottle and it is also available inside a wooden gift box. The single bottle will accompany your everyday meal while “decorating” your dinner table for a special occasion. Moreover, the wooden gift box is ideal for a personal present or business gift.


Taste & Aromas

“Moria Elea has superior taste with unique aromas”

Moria Elea is a blend of extra virgin olive oil (manaki & koroneiki varieties) with rich aromatic character and pungent attributes of medium intensity. Lightly bitter. Well balanced with harmony in its robust olive flavor.

“Fresh green with distinctive notes of green olive leaves, sweet herbal and aromatic fruity with apple skins connotations. Rich and powerful with a pleasing overall sensation.”
  • Acidity 0,2
  • Κ270: 0,106
  • K232: 1,469
  • Peroxides: 5,7
  • Phenolic Compounds ppm: 241

Additional Information

Price per litre €78.00
Oil Taste Fruity
Net Weight 0,50 lt Glass - 16,9 fl oz
Gross Weight 2 kg
Brand Olive Vision
Acidity 0.2
Olive Variety Manaki & Koroneiki
Cultivation without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides
Harvest Time October to December
Production cold press extraction
Use Salads, sauces, pasta and fresh foods

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