Terra Creta Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray 250ml

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  • Terra Creta Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray 250ml
  • Terra Creta Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray 250ml
  • Terra Creta Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray 250ml

Terra Creta Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray 250ml


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Multi awarded high quality organic olive oil from the Kolymvari region of Crete. 1 calorie per spray. Ideal for controlling the calorie intake.
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Terra Creta Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray


As an introduction, we quote a passage by olive-tasting connoisseur, Kersten Wetenkamp, as published in the esteemed German gastronomical magazine “Der Feinschmecker” (8/2005 issue) about our cretan olive oil :

“The state-of-the-art-equipped firm of Terra Creta S.A. sets new standards of quality in the production of olive oil in Greece. The harvesting methods of the olive crop at the most suitable moment of the year in the renowned region of Kolymvari and its pressing process in hi-tech installations beget such olive oil that has astounded the committee of taste specialists. One’s experienced and refined sense of smell perceives a plethora of fragrances, ranging from grass and wild herbs to the blossoms of oranges, lemons, of unripe tomato, wild garlic and vine leaves. An astringent nuance and a spicy finish exquisitely fulfill the taste.


Bioh! Organic Olive Oil In Spray

During cultivation and olive oil production, everything that comes from the olive tree is returned back to the environment:

  • - The leaves are fed to animals
  • - The water from washing the olives is returned to the olive groves for irrigationand
  • - The pits are used to warm up the water of the mill. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are employed making us proud for safeguarding our nature. This organic olive oil is packed in recyclable materials.
  • - Multi awarded high quality olive oil from the Kolymvari region of Crete.
  • - Transparent glass bottle exclusively produced for Terra Creta SA.
  • - Spray pump made by stainless steel and plastic parts all certified for food use.
  • - 1 calorie per spray. Ideal for controlling the calorie intake. Perfect for people on diet.
  • - Crimped pump that secures the product from adulteration. Made by stainless steel and plastic parts all certified for food use.
  • - Safety tape on cap to assures that nobody has used the product earlier.
  • - Modern design, easy to use.
  • - USE : Ideal for BBQ, salads, sandwiches and roast fish.



Terra Creta S.A. was established in 2001 and is located in the Industrial Park of Chania. Its sole objective and function is the standardization and distribution of exclusively Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Kolymvari region.



  • - Possess in-depth knowledge of the product
  • - Invest love and pride in their work
  • - Set high-aspiring goals
  • - Are dynamically driven by the desire to make a difference And as such, they comprise the sturdy core of Terra Creta S.A.’s team of staff.



  • - Automated conveyer line of standardized olive oil produce which meets the highest specifications. Manufactured in Italy, it boasts a 60ml to 5L range of bottling capacity.
  • - Modern, insulated, air-conditioned storage facilities.
  • - Storage tanks and transport containers made of stainless steel.
  • - State-of-the-art factory equipment.



First Prize at Panhellenic Contest for Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2007

During the 2nd Panhellenic Contest for Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2007, organized by the cultural foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Development, Terra Creta’s PDO Kolymvari won the 1st Prize at the Medium Fruitiness category. Terra Creta SA has won also the 1st Prize in the 1st competition on 2004.

Olive Oil Contest by the Greek magazine Olive & Olive Oil

The specialized magazine Olive & Olive Oil established a sensory evaluation contest of all olive oils sold in Greek supermarkets. The evaluation is done by a committee constituted by 5 certified and experienced tasters. The highest score an olive oil can achieve is 9. Terra Creta’s product PDO Kolymvari Chania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the highest score (8,3) from all the olive oils tested so far.

Best Exporting Companies of Crete Award

On May 2007, Terra Creta SA was honored by Crete’s Exporters Association with the prize of the Best Exporting Companies of Crete. Terra Creta SA with its rapid growth has achieved in very short time to become one of the major exporting companies of the island of Crete.

First International Olio Award 2005

Out of 800 olive oils from all over the world, Terra Creta S.A.’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil labeled as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) received first prize during the 2005 international competition organized by the world- renowned gastronomical magazine Der Feinschmecker.

First PanHellenic Award 2004

During the Panhellenic olive oil Taster’s Competition, held under the aegis of the International Olive Oil Committee in 2004, Terra Creta S.A.’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded First Prize in the Medium Fruitiness Category.



  • - Consistent, unparalleled quality : Throughout its history the same region of Kolymvari, has been producing the same variety of olive crop (the Coronian olive) employing the same methods of cultivation and harvesting - an unaltered tradition bequeathed from generation to generation. The result : the highest and most constant quality of produce. olives - virgin olive oil
  • - The absolute traceability of the product, which clearly depicts its step by step conveyance from the grove to the consumer’s kitchen.
  • - The most up-to-date installations and equipment. Certified safety-hygiene system (HACCP-ISO 22000:2005-IFS VERSION 4) and quality management.
  • - An innovation in itself is that every consignment of cretan olive oil is automatically labeled as to the particular elements that define its quality. We thus inform our consumers, enabling them not only to assess it by the highest standards as ordained by the EU, but also to compare it against any other corresponding products.

Additional Information

Price per litre €18.00
Oil Taste Fruity
Net Weight 0,25 lt Glass - 8,4 fl oz
Gross Weight 0.5 Kg
Brand Terra Creta
Acidity 0.5
Olive Variety Koroneiki
Cultivation without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides
Harvest Time November to February
Production cold extraction, pure
Use Ideal for cooking, salads, sauces and dips.

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  • Very practical
    Review by Jakeon 7/4/11
    Shipping Time
    When I first saw this spray bottle I was amazed. I didn't know that I could enjoy olive oil in my salad simply by spraying it. Very practical. The taste very good also. Classic Cretan olive oil...and organic too.

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